Elon Junior Christine Lane Debuts in History Channel Original Series “Six”

By Matt Holzapfel

Christine Lane only appeared in three episodes of “Six”. She’s listed 37th on the cast list on IMDb, and not many people outside of her family and friends will ever think twice about her appearance in the Action-Drama-History mini-series. But don’t tell her that.

“This whole experience has felt like a dream,” Lane told me. “I shot the show over the summer, and then went back to school in the fall; I was so busy with my classes and work at Elon, that until SIX’s premiere, it really felt like I made the show up.”


The poster for History Channel’s new original series “Six”

Six” is a television series inspired by the missions of the U.S. Navy SEAL unit (SEAL Team Six) known for killing Osama bin Laden. It was created by father-son duo William and David Broyles and stars Barry Sloane, Kyle Schmid, and Juan Pablo Raba.

“I was in choir when I was young, which led to school musicals, but I was always more involved in sports than the arts,” said Lane when I asked how she first got into acting. “I got injured in high school, had to quit my teams, and suddenly had the time to explore acting. I couldn’t get enough of it. That passion kept growing and led to an education in professional acting.”

Christine had been with an agency and had auditioned for roles in TV and movie productions ever since she was in high school. “When I first booked Marissa, I thought it was only for episode five,” Christine explained. “A few weeks later I got the email that I was written into the finale. I read the secret last scene and completely lost my mind. It was unreal! And the surprise aspect of it was taken so seriously. After we shot the last episode, Walton Goggins and I had to turn in our copies of the script so they could be shredded. We were the only two actors who knew how the series really ended- the rest of the cast got sent a phony script that ended with Rip smiling on the pier! Seeing the reactions on social media from the other cast members and fans of the show was so much fun.”

What Lane is referring to is how she was responsible for carrying out the Season 1 finale’s cliffhanger ending with fellow actor Walton Goggins, who plays Richard “Rip” Taggart.

So how has her newfound stardom affected her life at Elon? “Apart from my close friends being really excited for me when my episodes aired, nothing at school has really changed,” said Lane enthusiastically. “All kinds of performing arts majors at Elon experience professional success while still in school, so this wasn’t seen as a terribly groundbreaking event.” Maybe not, but it’s not every day you hear about your fellow student playing an important role in a hit TV series, even at such a high-achieving school like Elon.

So is this a long-term profession in the making, or just a short-term thing for fun?


Check out Christine’s IMDb page here, it may not be extensive…..yet

“Professional, full-time acting is the goal,” she said. “Elon’s BFA Acting program trains us to be working, successful actors out in the real world and I hope to use my education to build a lifelong career of performing.” What advice would Christine give to aspiring actors who want to break onto the scene just as she has? “I’d tell them that doing your best work and hoping for the best is all you can do,” she answered. “So much of this industry is based on luck- learning from every experience, devoting yourself to the process, knowing that failures happen more than success, and loving it passionately regardless of all these things is the best position you can put yourself in.”

As for Christine’s character Marissa, can we expect to see her return in Season 2 of “Six”? “No news that I can disclose yet,” she said. “But tune in and find out!”

To watch full episodes of “Six”, click here.


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